Sheep & Goats

Larkmead Vets provides veterinary care and advice on all aspects of sheep/goat health and husbandry. Our services are tailor-made and suitable for all sheep owners from the largest commercial flocks to hobby farmers and pet sheep.

We offer routine health monitoring and regular health visits for your sheep/goats. We can assist you in drawing up your Flock Health Plan to ensure their health is maintained and maximum productivity achieved.

All flocks should have a Flock Health Plan, outlining the management, preventative measures and treatments to be used to control the health and welfare of the sheep.

We will visit the flock and discuss all health matters, covering issues such as worming strategies, vaccination policy, external parasite control and nutrition. At the end of the visit, we will produce a health plan that gives protocols for all of the areas of importance to your flock, for instance; lamb care, lameness, biosecurity and medicine use. The Flock Health Plan will also include a flock calendar for your farm and a certificate of compliance for all of the current farm assurance schemes, including that of the Soil Association for organic flocks (if required).

One of our consultants, Chris Trower, BVetMed DSHP DipECSRHM MRCVS, is a renowned specialist in small ruminant medicine, and is a past president of the Sheep Veterinary Society.

In addition to producing the basic flock health-plan, we can also offer whole flock advice on all veterinary and management matters. Common areas that we are asked to cover include:

  • Examination of rams prior to tupping, with semen evaluation.
  • Blood testing of ewes in mid-pregnancy, to avoid conditions such as ‘sway back’, ‘white muscle disease’ and pregnancy toxaemia.
  • Investigation of abortions or infertility problems
  • Lambing management and prevention of neonatal diseases in lambs
  • Faecal egg counts to monitor worm burdens and inform worming policy
  • Anthelmintic resistance and the correct choice of wormer
  • Foot rot control and reducing lameness in the flock

Our Flock Health Club and Smallholders Club offer networking, discounts on services and regular member only updates.

If you would like to know more about our sheep and goat department and the services we offer please call 01491 651479.

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