Let's talk about Bordetella

You've probably heard of Bordetella - it's more commonly known as Kennel Cough. But that's something that the veterinary industry is trying to change. You see, Bordetella doesn't just affect dogs that stay in kennels - it can affect any dog, especially social ones. 

We've all seen lots of information over the last year as to how respiratory virus' and bacteria can be transmitted (think back to the face, space, hands advert) primarily through airborne droplets (cover your face), being close enough to inhale those droplets (keeping space) and touching contaminated surfaces (washing off our hands). Now ask your dog to abide by those rules - never going to happen! Lots of dogs love to see other dogs, they sniff each other, and sometimes play and rough and tumble, often sharing slobber. And so the Bordetella bacteria is spread.

Bordetella infection can cause a nasty 'cough' (in fact it is the same family of bacteria that causes Whooping Cough in babies) and at this stage is very contagious. It can lead to pneumonia, which in some cases can be fatal.

The good news is that there is a new vaccine that offers about 70% efficacy against the most common form of the Bordetella bacteria and the even better news is that it does not have to be given via the nose. Previously the only vaccine available was a nasal spray and it is a live vaccine. This meant that it was hard to administer to some dogs (particularly those of nervous disposition). The new injectable form of the vaccine does not use a live vaccine and will be much easier to administer. 

There is a worrying trend in the fall of dogs being vaccinated for Bordetella (probably because of the reduction in travelling abroad and consequently kennel usage) and therefore a very real likelihood of seeing increased rates of infection. If your dog is not vaccinated, and particularly if they are social when you're out and about, we would strongly recommend that you do get your dog vaccinated (and this can be done at the same time as their annual booster vaccinations) - most of the time they barely even notice! Please give our Reception team a call to discuss.