New Year - New Look for your Pet?


January is traditionally the month when we kick off our new years resolutions and for lots of us, that means a healthy eating campaign with the aim of shifting a few of the Christmas pounds. 

Around this time last year, Wellington's owners took advantage of our free weight loss clinics and brought him in to see Nurse Kate. 

Wellington weighed 14.6kg which is over a kg too much for his size. 

His owner said: "Kate asked me to weigh his food at each meal and cut out all treats. Wellington remained on his normal food but by following Kate’s advice his weight came down by 1.5kg. When we saw Kate in November 2018 I confessed that Wellington was still having two Markies at bedtime. Kate told me their calorific value, and I was horrified: almost half the total calories he needs in a day! I replaced them with a Kong half filled with his normal dried food. Wellington was very happy with this new arrangement and his weight dropped a further 0.3kg in 4 weeks. With Kate’s help we have now reached his target weight of 13.1 kg and he looks so much better and healthier"

If you're pet is carrying a few extra kg's, book them in to see one of our Nurses and we can tailor make a weight loss plan that suits you both and support you every step of the way! We can monitor progress for you and the biggest loser (in measurement) could win a large bag of Specific food of their choice.

Call 01235 814991 / 01491 651379 to book.