The Importance of Vaccinations Explained

Vaccinations are essential to protect your furry family member, by creating a defensive level of antibodies to build up immunity for transmittable diseases. In the simplest sense, when a cat or dog is vaccinated, he receives a disease-enabling organism to stimulate his immune system and “communicate” to the body how to fight those diseases in the future.

While no vaccine is 100% effective, the proper inoculations can help your pet to resist illnesses or recover much more quickly if they do become infected.

Vaccines are products designed to trigger protective immune responses and prepare the immune system to fight future infections from disease-causing agents. Vaccines stimulate the immune system’s production of antibodies that identify and destroy disease-causing organisms that enter the body.

Experts agree that widespread use of vaccinations within the last century has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. Vaccinations protect your pet from highly contagious and deadly diseases and improve your pet’s overall quality of life.

Understanding vaccination and immunity in your pet: Vaccines do not stimulate immunity immediately after they are administered. Once a vaccine is administered, the immune system has to recognise and respond to the antigens (viruses/bacteria in the vaccine) by producing antibodies. In most puppies/kittens, disease protection does not begin until five days post vaccination. Full protection from a vaccine usually takes up to 14 days. In some instances, two or more vaccinations several weeks apart must be given to achieve protection.

Since the protection provided by a vaccine may gradually decline after an animal is vaccinated, periodic revaccination is necessary. Such booster vaccines are necessary to “remind” the immune system to produce enough protective antibodies or “fighter pilots” to protect against an overwhelming challenge of disease causing viruses or bacteria.
Some vaccinations provide adequate immunity when administered every few years (e.g. for dogs Nobivac DHP - every 3 years), while others require more frequent schedules (e.g. Nobivac Pi & Lepto – every year) to maintain an acceptable level of immunity that will continually protect your pet.    

We know that it can be confusing and even overwhelming for pet parents when deciding which boosters are best for their pets.

If you’ve missed your pet’s booster and there have been more than 15 months since the last vaccine, the vaccination scheme will need to be restarted.

In May and June we will be offering a vaccine amnesty - so if your pet has missed their annual booster, you can restart the vaccination course (2 inoculations) at the same price as a normal booster. The only thing you will need to do to receive this special offer is to fill out a short survey at reception when you visit. Please call our Reception Team on 01235 814991 or 01491 651379 to book.