What are Red Mites?

If you have, or are thinking of getting chickens, one of the biggest problems you will face are Red Mites.

Red Mites are blood sucking parasites that live in the cracks and crevices of your chicken coop and come out at night to feed on your chickens. They start off as tiny grey specks and turn red after a feed - they can be very hard to spot unless you know what to look for (or their numbers are huge!) but will make your chicken feel miserable! Left untreated, it can lead to anaemia, reduced egg production and ultimately death.

Red Mites are active in the warmer months and can multiply very very quickly. It is important to clean the coop regularly and check in the corners and under any felt roofing for signs of mites. If your birds are reluctant to return to their coop at night, this could be a sign! 

There are preventative treatments available for the coop, the chickens and for their water - speak to your vet to decide what is best for you but ultimately vigilance is compulsory to keep these nasty little critters at bay!

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