Preparation & Operating


Preparation Room

Before an operation  your pet will be brought into the preparation room. They will be examined before having a sedative/anaesthetic or undergoing any procedure.

Pre-medication is given before the anaesthetic to help relax your pet, to provide pain relief and to reduce the amount of anaesthetic required. Once the anaesthetic has been given, your pet will be prepared for their operation by the vet and nursing team.

Hair clipping will be required around a surgical site before entering the operating theatre.


Larkmead Vets carries out a wide range of clinical procedures from the routine, such as neutering, x-rays, lump removal, dentals, and ultrasound through to more sophisticated techniques such as endoscopy and spinal surgery. We have vets who have undergone further training and have the expertise to perform complex surgical procedures that some other practices might not be able to offer and have to refer elsewhere.

Our operating theatres are fully equipped with anaesthetic machines, piped gases, lights, theatre tables and a wide range of surgical instruments.

Dental Procedures

We have a designated dental room at both our main surgeries. Again, these theatres are fully equipped for anaesthetics and surgery.