Admissions & In Patients

48 hours before your pet's operation

Your vet will advise you of any procedures you need to undertake before attending the surgery on your pet's operation date.

Dog, cats and ferrets need to have food (including milk) withheld from midnight prior to the day of an anaesthetic or sedation. Water can be available up until the time you bring your pet to the practice.

You do not need to starve small furries (rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs for example). 

Arriving at the surgery

On arrival at the surgery you will be greeted by a nurse or a vet who will discuss your pet's condition and make sure you understand the procedure about to take place.

At this time we will also make sure your pet is fit for surgery and doesn't have any conditions such as diarrhoea.

What will happen after your pet's operation/procedure?

As soon as your pet has come around from their operation a nurse or vet will call you to advise you of your pet’s condition. Arrangements for your pet's collection will also be confirmed.

Your pet will be made comfortable and monitored closely throughout their stay at Larkmead. Before going home, if able, they will be fed, watered, toileted and exercised.

You will be given advice on how to care for your pet over the next few days to help them in their recovery.

If you have any queries at any stage of your pet's recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.