Pig Fact Sheets

Below are some Larkmead Vets Information Sheets.

If you would like to discuss any of the subjects contained in the information sheets in more detail, please do not hesitate to ring the Farm Office on 01491 651479 and we will arrange for you to speak to one of our pig vets.

i. Getting Things Off to a Good Start

ii. Acclimatising New Breeding Boars

iii. Gilt Rearing for Lifelong Performance

iv. Factors that Influence Litter Size

v. A Brief Look at Batch Farrowing

vi. Brief Notes on Returns to Service

vii. Explaining Empty Days

viii. E.coli Scours in Newborn Piglets

ix. Rectal Prolapse

x. Tail Biting in PIgs

xi. Mycotoxins

xii. Meningitis

xiii. Lameness in Sows

xiv. On-farm Post Mortems

xv. Autumn Infertility Issues