Rabbit Awareness Week 2022

This year, the theme for Rabbit Awareness Week (#RAW) is housing. Rabbits are sociable animals and should be kept in pairs or groups (neutering is essential!) but they also need plenty of space to do those wild bunny things like running, leaping and playing. 

Rabbits can be happy indoor or outdoor with the right care but recommendations are that the overall footprint of their habitat is at least 3m x 2m x 1m high and they can freely move around. 

Indoors they can be toilet trained (this works better with neutered bunnies) and you can either provide free roam, or a separate space. Toys, tunnels, platforms, a digging area and of course access to food and water is all needed to ensure your bunny has mental stimulation and can indulge in their natural behaviour.

Outdoors you will need to position their hutch out of direct sunlight and wind. Ideally they have a permanent run area so they can run around and dig (you may need to bury some chicken wire to prevent escapees). In Winter you will need to provide extra dry bedding, ensure there are no draughts or leaks and potentially cover their hutch to provide extra protection in very hard winters. 

For all rabbits, a good diet is made of 85-90% high quality feeding hay - you can mix their daily fresh greens in with this to provide some foraging fun. This can be spread around their habitat. 

For more information on the ideal habitat for your bunnies, please visit the RAW website