January Blues

January - the month when we break our newly created resolutions (and well done to you if you haven't!!) and sigh about the amount of (delete as appropriate) chocolate/cheese/beer/wine we consumed over the festive period. And if that overindulgence includes your pet and they are 'carrying a bit of holiday weight' (to quote a well known friendly TV show from the 90's), then we've got some good news and advice . . . 

The good news is that your dog doesn't care that it's grey and miserable (although some do care that it's wet and cold!) and will still accompany you cheerfully out into the great outdoors and through the copious amounts of mud! And we all know that regular exercise can help reduce excess weight - although, particularly with pets, it is not the only key.

Feeding your dog an appropriate portion of their food daily (be it divided into 1, 2 or more portions) is essential and owners are often surprised by what a portion looks like. Quality foods have portion guidance on the packet and it is worth weighing that out to see what it looks like and then sticking to it. If you want to give your dog treats, it should be no more than 10% of their daily intake and you will need to adjust the portion of their dinner accordingly. Healthy treats such as steamed chicken and veg can be just as welcomed as commercial treats (which can sometimes contain high calories). 

If you are struggling with your pet's weight, our nursing team can support you with an achievable weight loss plan tailored to your pet - please give our reception team a call to book.