Grass - friend or foe?

This time year, pets with grass seeds stuck in eyes, ears, paws and skin are an almost daily occurrence for us. Although tiny, these mini arrows of destruction can cause terrible trauma so it is definitely worth being vigilant for them after your dog walks or when your cat comes home. 

Places to check carefully are:

  • Feet and toes (particularly in the furry bits)
  • Around and inside the ears
  • Around the eyes

And signs to look out for are:

  • Weepy/gunky eyes (this needs to be seen quickly as continued damage to the surface of the eyes can cause ulcers and potentially blindness)
  • Head shaking or rubbing the head on the floor
  • Constantly chewing or licking at paws

Ultimately, if you have concerns, please book an appointment (eyes and ears are the most urgent). If left, these pointy, sharp, grass seeds can penetrate the skin and have even appeared in the chest (and then they are really hard to find as they don't show up on scans). 

The pic above is Bella who came in a few weeks ago with a grass seeds firmly in her eye. Vet Ellen was able to remove it (after administering some topical anaesthetic) and then checked (using dye) for any damage. Luckily Bella only had some superficial ulceration which healed nicely with some eye drops.