We've stocked up for Christmas!

Although the staff room usually has some treats in it (mostly provided by our lovely clients), the thing we always stock up on at this time of year is the drugs to make your pets sick. As yukky as that sounds (and it can be!) as December rolls in, we start to see an increase of pets who have eaten human treats that can prove toxic to them. 

This includes chocolate, mince pies and Christmas cake, treats that contain sweeteners like Xylitol, nuts, and stuffing that contain onions/garlic. All of these can have dangerous affects on dogs so if you think your pet has ingested any, please call us straight away and we'll get our drugs and bowls out ready! Making your pup sick is the quickest way (provided consumption was fairly recent) to get the offending items out of their system, so time is of the essence! 

Amaryllis, Poinsettias, Holly berries, Mistletoe and Yew are all irritants and potentially toxic to your pets if digested, with the most common signs including drooling, mouth sores, vomiting and diarrhoea. Even drinking the water from the base of your Christmas tree can cause issues, especially if preservatives and fertilizers are used. If necessary, wrap the base of your tree so your pet cannot get access.

If your pet is particularly partial to a good chew, make sure that bows, tinsel and wrapping paper are kept out of their reach - things like this (that often contain plastics) can cause indigestible blockages inside which can result in the necessity for surgical removal. 

 So now you know what we've stocked up on - it's got a good use-by-date so we won't be sad if we still have stock in January!