Stay Calm! We can help . . .

It is very important to spare a thought for our pets during the next few weeks. The firework season is here again and it is never just confined to one night. When our pets are bothered by fireworks they can respond in different ways – some become loud and obviously aggravated, some cower and tremble whilst others hide away and become withdrawn. The common theme is that they are all displaying a fear or phobia of fireworks.

Another thing to be aware of is that some of our younger pets will never have encountered fireworks before so we cannot predict how they will respond. Older animals who have never been seemingly bothered in the past may now also be worried by them. Each year, therefore, think afresh about the firework season and what it could mean for your pet.

Top tips to help your pet during the firework season:


  • Create a safe place for your pet to be when the fireworks are going off – this may be a ‘den’ made by covering a table or pet crate with blankets, or access to a quiet spot such as under a bed where they can hide.  You can use a plug in pheromone therapy 2-3 days before you anticipate the fireworks to start such as the ADAPTIL diffuser for dogs or the FELIWAY diffuser for cats. Plug this in near the safe place and it will send calming messages to your pet. Please see below for a special offer on these items if they are of interest.
  • If you would normally take your dog out for a late evening walk, try bringing this forward to daylight hours. Do this for a few days before fireworks start to get them in the new routine.

On the night:

  • Reduce the noise and light impact – keep doors and windows closed, draw curtains, and put on the radio or television. Classical music can often be relaxing for animals as well as humans. Keep cats indoors with a litter tray if needed.
  • Change the focus of your pet’s attention:  play with them with a new toy or game, this will distract you as well and hopefully reduce anxiety all round.

Should none of these ideas help, and your pet gets particularly upset, please speak to your vet. We have a range of prescription medications that may be suitable to calm and relieve anxiety.

If your pet is affected by fireworks then you can consider sound therapy for future firework seasons. This therapy aims to desensitise your pet to the unpleasant noises associated with them. For more information please visit the Dog's Trust website where there is information and downloads available.

Please book an appointment if you would like to discuss options. 

If you are looking to buy one of the pet pheromone products, we are pleased to be able to offer you a free refill on Feliway and Adaptil products via Ceva, the manufacturer. Please see here for full details. Proof of purchase is required to redeem the offer which is available until the 31/12/21.