Heading into Autumn with a bang!

Although it seems that fireworks can be heard all year round now, there is still an upturn in activity in October/November leading some pet owners to dread this time of year.

It is never nice to see your beloved pet trembling or listen to their howls of anguish as the whizzes and bangs light up the sky. Please don't suffer alone, we can offer help although it can take some time and effort to find what helps your pet.

If you have a fairly young pet, it is worth getting them prepared - exposing them to the noises early and building up in intensity (whilst not reacting yourself) can really help. Visit our website for some helpful tips, including a link to some demo sounds that can be played in readiness. Start now - don't wait until the signs are up advertising displays. 

If you're way beyond that stage and your brave hound becomes a dribbling mess, then the use of calming agents (also known as pheromones) such as Adaptil, Feliway and/or Zylkene can be very helpful in reducing stress levels. There are also anxiety medications that your vet can prescribe for short-term use in stressful situations.  Making sure you have a secure place for your pet to 'hide' in can often be helpful, be it under the bed, a table or down the back of the sofa!

You also need to think about your reaction to your pet's distress - we naturally want to comfort them but this can actually be doing more harm that good - read about your body signals on our website. 

Please speak to us if you would like to discuss options.