The Grass Seed Problem

It felt like summer came and went early this year but the grass seed problems are still being seen. 

The pointy end of a grass seed means they can become embedded in the skin very easily and can then work their way inside. Most commonly, they get stuck down ears, up noses and in between toes where they cause a lot of pain and irritation. You may notice varying symptoms such as licking at paws, head-shaking and sneezing or coughing. These often come on very quickly, so if you notice something out of the ordinary following a walk/ run in the fields, these little grass seeds may be to blame and it is worth investigating early before they work their way further into their host. 

Removal of the seeds can be quick or may sometimes require sedation or anaesthetic if they have embedded into the skin or even worse, found having worked their way internally! 

As always, prevention is often better than cure and there are a few things you can do like keeping hair between toes and around ears short and if possible avoiding areas of high risk. Inspecting your dog after a walk is vital, removing any seeds and debris. If you have concerns, please let us know.

Here is the moment when Vet Laura removed two grass seeds from the eye of a very tolerant patient, Tsar. (Warning - it's not for the squeamish!)