Protect your Family

As we move into warmer weather, the risk of zoonotic disease increases as we tend to be outside more in exposed areas. A zoonosis is a disease which can be transmitted to humans from animals. There are many worms that can infect humans from animals making it even more important to correctly treat our animals  with effective treatments.

Many young puppies and kittens are born with roundworm infections which can be easily passed onto young children who play in areas that have been contaminated with animal faeces. Roundworm infection is easily avoidable by treating pets correctly, washing hands after playing, before eating and staying away from contaminated areas. Hookworms are another type of worm that can cause serious human health issues. Hookworms can penetrate human skin and migrate locally and this tends to be seen in anyone running barefoot in moist, sandy areas or with wet grass. This can be avoided by treating our animals  with effective products, picking up faeces promptly and wearing protective footwear. Tapeworms are another worm that can affect humans and can be easily ingested from eggs in the soil, hands or objects contaminated by dog or cat faeces. This is most commonly seen in young children playing in areas where there is faecal contamination.

Have you ever wondered about why there is such a price different between the products sold in pet shops and supermarkets as opposed to what the vet can prescribe? 

There are four main categories of authorised veterinary products

POM-V (prescription only medicine – Veterinarian) medicines can only be prescribed by a Veterinary surgeon
POM-VPS (prescription on medicine – Veterinarian, Pharmacist or Suitably qualified person (SQP)) medicines can be prescribed by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist or SQP.
NFA-VPS (Non food animal – Veterinarian, Pharmacist and SQP) can be supplied by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist or SQP
AVM-GSL (Authorised veterinary medicine – general sales list) can be sold by anyone without any qualifications

Flea and worm products

POM-V products are far more superior when compared to over the counter products (AVM-GSL) because they are much more effective. They are scientifically proven to treat fleas and worms and have had many control studies proving this. Worming products bought over the counter can be effective however do not treat a large enough spectrum of worms. There are many different types of worms out there and one of these worms is lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum. This worm is related to dogs eating slugs and can have very serious side effects.  Only POM-V products treat lungworm and no over the counter medications will kill this worm. There are many flea products on the market with some products bought over the counter having poor efficacy. Certain POM-V products not only treat fleas but ticks and certain worms as well meaning there is a broader spectrum of cover.

Here at Larkmead we recommend POM-V products as they are scientifically more effective in treating fleas and worms and we are now seeing resistance to certain products which are sold over the counter.

If you would like to know more information then feel free to make an appointment as we have free consultations for prescription flea and worm products.

To easily reduce the transmission of zoonotic diseases, we can worm our pets using effective products.

Worming and flea intervals

There are many different worms out there that pose threats to our animals and ourselves. Prevention is better than cure and we can use POM-V medications to reduce the chances of worm infestations. There are hundreds of different worms out there all with different life cycles and we need to target specific stages of the life cycle to reduce the chances of infection. Here at Larkmead we have many products which we can use to give your animal the complete cover they deserve and we can administer medication in tablet or spot on form to suit  you. Some products are administered monthly whilst some products can be administered up to every 6 months.

If your animal is a scavenger on walks or likes hunting then it is especially important to keep up to date with flea and worm treatment.

Fleas can be present all year round and are a real nuisance. It is important to remember that 95% of fleas live in the environment and not on the animal. This is why it is important to treat the environment just as much as the animal. We recommend hot washing all bedding to kill the larvae and the hoover areas twice where your pet spends most of their time. You can also use the indoor sprays to “bomb” a room which can be very effective but make sure you do not use a spray if you have any fish in the house.