Preparation for Lambing


Lambing time is always stressful and hectic, so putting in the groundwork now can help reduce the workload then.


Ewes should be fully vaccinated against clostridial disease and pasteurellosis. They should receive booster doses 4-6 weeks prior to lambing to maximise the levels of protective antibodies in the colostrum. If uncertain of ewes’ vaccination status, give them the 1st dose 8 weeks pre-lambing, so their 2nd dose is given 4 weeks prior to lambing.

If you have a problem with orf, especially if you see it in suckling lambs, vaccinate the ewes with Scabivax or Scabivax Forte 7-8 weeks pre-lambing. The lambs can then be vaccinated from birth.

Email  or ring the office to order your vaccine now.


Good colostrum quality, milk production, lamb vigour, ewe strength, decreased ewe susceptibility to worms, less twin lamb disease…the list of benefits to getting nutrition right just goes on and on.

If you are uncertain of your ration, why not ask us to do a ration check for you – only £20
We also can formulate your ration for you- or help you to do it yourself.
Finally, and possibly most importantly, we can ask the ewes what they think! Blood sampling ewes 3-4 weeks prior to lambing can pick up inadequacies in nutrition.


Good hygiene will prevent a multitude of problems- so make sure you have a good supply of long gloves for lambing ewes, and disinfectant for cleaning lambing ropes, feeding bottles, stomach tubes etc. Rubber rings and ear tags can introduce infection when applied- so store them in a clean, dry place and discard the rubber rings after they go past their use-by date (yes, they have one!).

Clean, gentle, well-lubricated – the only way to assist in a lambing. Make sure you have plenty of lubricant.

Needles are neither rare, rationed, nor expensive. If blunt they are painful to the sheep, if dirty they can introduce infection leading to abscesses and heart infections (amongst others). Make sure you have plenty.

If you need to speak to a vet about anything from ewe nutrition to vaccination regimes, don’t hesitate to ring 01491 651479.