Oh no! It's Firework Season Again!!

Fireworks can cause untold stress to our pets, meaning we as owners, can dread this time of year when they are particularly prevalent. 

Here are some tips for getting through the nights which might help: 

Hutches and cages for small furries and birds should ideally be moved indoors or into a shed. If that's not possible then try turning them around to face the wall and covering with an old towel or blanket. Ensure there is plenty of bedding that they can burrow into.

Dogs and cats will instinctively try to hide from danger so creating a secure 'den' will help them have a safe place. Try to build your den somewhere you know they find comforting (perhaps under the coffee table or behind the sofa). The den can be made out of anything - an old box, or just use towels or blankets over a chair to create a little hideaway. Make this den plenty of time before fireworks night to your pet to get used to it. Put their favourite toys and treats in there to encourage them to visit and perhaps visit the den with them in the early days or leave some of your worn clothes in there for a comforting smell.

There are pheromone plug-ins and sprays that can help reduce stress and ensuring the TV or a radio is left on can help disguise the sounds. 

For more helpful tips pop into the practice and pick up a copy of our Fireworks booklet.

If your pet is very upset, there are some medications that can help so don't suffer in silence - make an appointment to see your vet to discuss options.