Buyer Beware!

We often extol the virtues of good biosecurity on farm. This extends from good hygiene and PPE, to quarantine periods for incoming stock. Purchasing new stock for the herd or flock is an exciting time, but there are very real risks of bringing disease into the farm.

To mitigate against these risks, try to ensure that the animals have a high health status and are part of a scheme which has stringent rules. These regulations require monitoring of disease and reduction of the chance of disease introduction into the herd or flock.

It is worth consulting with us as to how to proceed in these situations; on two occasions recently we have revealed two bulls for sale which tested positive for IBR. This is a disease which can be dormant within an animal and then, in a period of stress, i.e. loading, travelling and being introduced to a new herd, the animal begins shedding the virus. In a herd with no previous exposure, this may have devastating consequences. This can be true of many different diseases.

The worrying aspect about one of these positive animals was that it was being sold as high health and disease negative; only when blood results were requested were the true circumstances revealed.

Often it is worth asking us to consult with the vendor’s own vet. Although bound by client confidentiality, as we would only share information we had permission to share, it may be prudent to ask for this conversation to take place; if the seller has nothing to hide then all is well and good, if there is information being withheld then it might be sensible to steer clear!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything regarding the purchase of new stock. There are various diseases which are routinely tested for, be it sheep, cattle or pigs and we can make recommendations on the sorts of questions to ask!