Looking After Your Pets Routine Healthcare Needs

In modern society we understand the benefits of good nutrition, looking after our bodies and preventative healthcare - the same applies to our pets. We want them to lead long and happy lives and so prevention (as they say) is better than cure, and we can prevent lots of annoying issues in our modern world!

Good quality flea and tick treatment is only available on prescription and far exceeds the coverage provided by the products available on supermarket shelves.  Our veterinary team are very happy to discuss the added benefits with you and also the savings that can be made on these by joining our Lifetime Care Club where they are all included as well as annual routine vaccinations. Not only is the important preventative healthcare included, you will also save money compared to paying for all of these services individually.

The Lifetime Care Club has proven very popular and members are enjoying the benefits of the scheme which include:

  • Routine vaccinations - included
  • All year round flea, tick and worm treatments - included
  • 6 month health check - included
  • 20% off Kennel Cough & Rabies vaccinations
  • 20% off neutering
  • 10% off dental procedures
  • 20% off microchips
  • 25% off any pet food available through the practice (including prescription and life stage diets)
  • 10% off toys and grooming products

The monthly premium you pay via Direct Debit will depend on the weight of your pet - full details can be found here - premiums start at just £10.50 per month.

In addition to these savings, for an additional £5 per month, you can include the cost of your routine veterinary consultations throughout the year! This has proved very popular.

For full details, an application form and the full terms & conditions, please visit the Lifetime Care Club page or ask our Reception Team.