We Love Our Rescue Pets


Olive is a terrier-type rescue dog, and is Alex and Sam’s new puppy.

The decision to acquire a new dog is never an easy one, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The decision about what type of dog and where it comes from is even more complex. However sometimes, just sometimes when the stars align an image pops up of the perfect dog looking for its ideal family, and you know when you’ve found the ‘right’ dog.

Olive was pictured with the rest of her litter on the Many Tears website and she had all the characteristics we were looking for”.

Day 1: it was frosty! Here's Olive sporting her warm woolly, adapted from a sock!


These pictures show just how tiny Olive is.....


1st trip to the vets!


1st walk, getting to know her best new big-buddy!


   Finding out the best place to sleep!  


This is Chevy who belongs to Receptionist Maria and her partner

"We adopted Chevy in February 2013 from Little Haven rescue centre in Pembrokshire. I saw her on the Oldies Club website and fell in love. My other half wanted a Labrador and I wanted a staffy, so we compromised and we got a staffy! We needed a pretty special dog who would be able to cope with living in a flat and my indoor guinea pigs, as well as be happy to travel as my family is scattered across the UK and get on with family members dogs. She ticked all the boxes, so after our home check and a long, foggy drive she came home with us.

She is our first dog as adults and figuring out the whole dog ownership and training thing had taught us lots about patience and luckily she is very forgiving of our mistakes. We regularly do scentwork and she helped me gain my accredited handler status with Talking Dogs Scentwork in October. We have also tried Rally Obedience, Clicker Training, doggy strengthening and conditioning classes and Wag and Tone, as well as having passed the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen award. Having a dog has opened up a whole new world to me, not being an Oxfordshire native I didn't know the area that well, so having her has given me a good reason to get out and explore and I have found some beautiful spots on our walks. 

She makes me smile with her funny faces. Taking a photo is always done on the continuous setting so that I stand a chance of her looking slightly normal in one of them! She comforts me when I am ill, in the last four years she has given me snuggles and comfort through a prolapsed disk, the flu, bronchitis and various sprains, strains and other injuries.

Don't be fooled by her innocent face; she can still be rather cheeky and even with her arthritic hips and elbows, still likes to jump baby gates to see what’s edible on the other side. She also has some unsavoury bad habits that result in a bath to get rid of the stink - but she is mine and I love her (Although I love her more when she smells nice!).