Sophie's Weight Loss Success Story

This is Sophie, a 10 year old neutered Labrador who has been attending Kate's weight clinic since July 2016, weighing in at 34.15 kg.

Sophie was at least 5 kg overweight with a body score of 4 and was finding it difficult to get around, with sluggish behaviour and difficulty in keeping up with her owner on walks. Sophie's owner, Mrs MacDonald, wanted her to lose some weight and get fit and healthy again.

Sophie was put onto a diet food and with Kate's careful guidance and regular check ups at the cholsey surgery, she has managed to lose a massive amount of weight.

With Mrs MacDonald's tenuous attitude and focused willpower, Sophie was losing weight every 2 weeks, as Kate had predicted.

At her last clinic appointment, Sophie weighed in at 27.2 kg, which is a loss of 6.95 kg. She is now keeping up on walks with her owner and is happy and alert, with a big bounce in her step! Well done Sophie!


Keeping your dog at the ideal body weight will increase their life expectancy by 2-3 years.


Kate holds clinics every Monday and Wednesday at the Cholsey Surgery from 10-2pm, where she is always happy to provide help and guidance to all our customers.

Call 01491 651379 to book an appointment.

Weight clinics are also available at our Didcot surgery - phone 01235 814991 to book an appointment.