Compulsory microchipping from 6th April

As many people will now be aware, on 6th April 2016, The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014 come into force.

Thereafter all dogs over 8 weeks of age must have had a microchip implanted. Each microchip has a unique code, which must be registered along with up-to-date keeper (name and contact) and animal details on a national microchip database. The keeper named on the database will become legally responsible for the actions of that dog.

If your dog hasn’t been microchipped by 6th April then you may be liable for a fine of up to £500. The same fine can be charged to anyone who does not keep their contact details up to date (easily done on the Petlog website or by telephone).

Microchipping is really important as it provides a permanent, inexpensive form of identification that cannot be lost or altered. This means that if your pet strays or is stolen, you can be easily re-united.

Although not a legal requirement for cats, we do recommend that they are microchipped for the same reasons.

A final point to note is that not all microchips are of an equally good standard. Larkmead Vets use chips that are of a high quality and come with a lifetime guarantee, so they will be replaced free of charge if they stop reading during your pet’s lifetime. These are registered with Petlog, the biggest pet microchip database in the UK, which is accessible 24hrs 365 days a year and they are readable by a wide range of standard microchip scanners.

Larkmead Vets are currently offering 25% discount on microchipping, including a free health check and entry into a competition to win a year’s supply of flea/wormers when you get your pet microchipped. Ask about our microchip cat flaps and feeders.