Do you know whether your flukicide is still working? 

Despite still being the liver fluke treatment of choice there is growing resistance to Triclabendazole (found in Fasinex, Combinex, Cydectin Triclamox, Fasimec, Endofluke and Tribex). 

If the efficacy of Triclabendazole is sub-optimal on your unit, each time you use it you could be adding fuel to the fire as only the resistant fluke survive the treatment and then go on to multiply. 

It is really easy to test how well the drug is working for you. 

Just submit some dung samples for testing 21 days after treatment and we can send them to the SAC for the relatively new Faecal Copro-antigen ELISA test.  Ten fresh samples (min 2g per sample) per management group should be taken and a pooled test will cost less than £20 per group. 

Please chat to one of our vets if you have any questions about this complex and challenging disease.