Fiona Cook and her partner David have been clients at Larkmead Vets for many years. They have had Hugo and his brother Harley for over five years. The cats had an idyllic life hunting and exploring the nature reserve around Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire.  In September they moved to Harwell, Oxfordshire, to the middle of the busy village. 

The cats had been disgruntled about the boxes being packed up before the move and when the boxes started to be unpacked at the other end, coupled with the builders finishing off, Hugo decided this disruption was too much.  He left home three days later.  After nine weeks of calling and searching, putting up posters, Facebook postings and word of mouth leads, all the neighbours in Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire, were on the lookout for the intrepid traveller.  Fiona and David had given up hope of seeing him again. They feared he had been run over on the A34 attempting to return the seven miles to his old home.

On an evening walk on Thursday 27 November, Fiona and David were walking down an unlit lane, on the edge of Harwell, less than half a mile from home. Hugo, who must have heard them talking, and seeing the torches, sprang out of the bushes to greet them.  They had to look twice, because he had put on so much weight, but he was recognised by the grey collar and bell he was still wearing.  Hugo paid a visit to Larkmead Vets and his identity was confirmed with his microchip.

Hugo has now settled into his new home and so far has shown little enthusiasm for finding the door.  He has chosen as his base a cat bed in the corner with a view of the stairs. 

It looks as though Hugo may have been had been living outside, because he has a thick winter coat. Fiona and David were amazed and delighted when he found them.  The chances of this happening seem very remote. If Hugo hadn’t heard their voices, they would never have been reconciled.