As vets we are acutely aware that there is a stigma surrounding fleas and will often hear the phrase “my dog (or cat) has caught fleas” from the owner of an itchy animal. In reality, this isn’t the case: all dogs and cats are exposed to fleas and will pick them up. As a passing parasite they pose little problem. However, each flea can lay hundreds of eggs, which will fall to the ground where the pet spends most of its time – in your home!

As a result, the level of fleas in an average pet-owner’s house is far higher than outside and it is the challenge caused by this environmental infestation that can lead to an epidemic when the conditions are just right for flea eggs, that have lain dormant, to hatch.

It might be more appropriate to say that your house has caught fleas than your pet!

Fortunately, whilst the flea is the single most common parasite of our pets and can lead to a variety of health problems, the principles of control are remarkably simple: treat all animals in the house with a product that will kill fleas and prevent them from breeding and maintain treatment year-round to avoid accumulation of eggs in the house. Prevention in this instance is far easier than cure.


However, this is where it all gets very confusing. Which product is most suitable for me and my pet? Should I use a collar, a spot-on or a tablet? Is there a difference between products that I can buy from a supermarket and those that are only available from my vet? Fortunately, at Larkmead Vets, we keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of parasite control and have highly efficacious and easy to use products to suit all dogs and cats.

And we will never recommend anything that we would not be prepared to use on our own pets, so come and see us to discuss how we can make the future for you, your house and your pet flea-free!

We have some brand new flea treatments here at Larkmead, As an introductory offer, when you buy 3 treatments, you’ll get one free, if you buy 6 treatments, we’ll give you two treatments free.  Just ask for details!