Upcoming Events

Mastering Medicines

We are expecting to run these workshops in-person, provided Government Guidelines permit.

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday 24th November
  • Wednesday 15th December

Larkmead Veterinary Group, Cholsey OX10

Farm Assurance Guidelines recommend that at least one member of each farm team has undertaken training in administering medicines. This workshop will discuss:

  • Improving knowledge of different medicines available on farm and decision making
  • How to safely administer medicines to animals under your care
  • How to record medicine use in accordance with legislation
  • Store and maintain medicines on farm in accordance with legislation and farm assurance requirements.
  • Describe the difference between vaccines and treatments and the different legislative classes including antibiotics
  • Describe the basic classes of anthelmintics and the need for veterinary or SQP guidance on their use
  • Understand the actions of an NSAID and when they should be used
  • Understand the responsibility of those administering medicines to farm animals

£50 per person, lunch and Certificate of Attendance provided.

Email farm@larkmead.co.uk to secure your place or call the office on 01491 651479.

Dairy Discussion Groups 

Options for Dry Cows: 7th December, 11-13:00, OX10

No charge - lunch provided. For all workshops attendees will need to observe farm bio-security protcols and wear spotless and disinfected wellies / protective clothing.

Email farm@larkmead.co.uk to secure your place or call the office on 01491 651479.

In all cases where food is provided, please do let us know if you have any dietary restrictions that we need to be aware of.