Suckler Health Club

A healthy herd is a productive herd and at Larkmead, we are committed to providing the best service we can to our Suckler clients to help them achieve this aim! Join our Suckler Health Club to recieve lots of helpful benefits:

Membership Benefits
3 free herd health visits per year (vet time still chargeable)
3 discussion group meetings per year
50% off all cattle related workshops
10% discount on all in-house parasitology
10% discount on bull breeding soundness exams
10% discount on post-mortems
10% discount on herd health related vet time

Monthly Subscription Fees:

<50 cows - £15 pcm
50 - 200 cows - £20 pcm
>200 cows - £25 pcm

If you are interested in joining, please contact the farm office team on 01491 651479 who can provide you with further details and the full terms and conditions of membership.