NADIS parasite forecast

NADIS use meteorological data to predict the prevalence of parasitic diseases. We hope that this information will help us work together with you to provide effective worm control as part of your veterinary plan.
The principle aim around lambing time is to minimize the contamination of clean pastures by adult parasites in the gut of the ewes. It is these eggs laid by these adult worms, which then hatch and infect the lambs. In order to prevent the development of anthelmintic resistance and prevent the rise of infectious larvae on the pasture, a short acting wormer should be used selectively on the following groups of ewes:
  • Gimmers and young ewes
  • Ewes with twins or triplets
  • Ewes with a poor condition score.

Lung worm is a disease commonly seen in grazing cattle from July, so now is the time to start planning the vaccination of cattle over two months old.

Vaccination requires two doses four weeks apart with the second dose at least 2 weeks prior to turn out.

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Watch out for chronic liver fluke in sheep and cattle – in low risk areas if animals have not been treated, then faecal samples from around 10 animals will identify patent fluke infection and the need to treat a group.

Watch out for parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) in fattening lambs and yearlings. The continuing mild weather may lead to a risk of PGE in store lambs and yearlings. The need to dose out wintered store or replacement lambs during the winter can be reliably assessed by monitoring pooled faecal egg counts.

Be aware and plan for Nematodirosis control. The December and January temperatures have been above average and if this pattern continues then early spring could indicate a lower risk year for N.Battus as many larvae will have died before young lambs start to graze, or have been consumed by ewes where they do not cause disease. Forecasts fore 2014 will be produced when March meteorological data is available so watch this space or log onto

Watch out for lice in sheep, and treat if required by plunge dipping or topical cispermethrin or deltamethrin.


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