Flock Health Club

A healthy flock is a productive flock, and at Larkmead we are committed to helping you keep your sheep well.  Join our Flock Health Club to benefit from:

  • 3 free vet visits per year (vet time still chargeable)
  • 3 exclusive group discussion meetings per year on topical issues
  • 50% off all paid workshops
  • 10% discount on the following services:
    • Ram BSE
    • FWECs (in-house)
    • Post-mortems
    • Vasectomies
    • Ration Checks
    • Chargable Vet time spent on flock health related activities (blood sampling, health plans, etc)

Membership fees are dependent on the size of your flock:

  • £10 per month <100 ewes
  • £15 per month 100 - 400 ewes 
  • £20 per month >400 ewes 

If you are interested in joining or would like further information, please contact the Farm Office on 01491 651479.

Please note that veterinary services are subject to VAT, membership fees include VAT.