Farm Medicines

Larkmead Vets offers a dispensing service for its farm animal clients.

If you wish to place an order for repeat medication, please email

Please give us 48 hours (2 working days) notice. To safe guard your accounts we are unable to dispense without approval from a vet which is why we require 48 hours notice for medicines.

A Good Quality Service and Price

Larkmead is a member of the XLVets, a group of independently owned vets that have come together to enhance their purchasing power to achieve the best possible price on medicines, vaccinations and feeds.

Drug Collection Points



Pre-ordered drugs (before 2pm) can be collected from our Cholsey branch the next day - please contact the team regarding your order. We do keep a number of routine medications in stock.


Please place your orders with us at Larkmead Veterinary Group on 01491 651479 / 01296 531970 or - please state your desired pick-up location when placing your order.           



Veterinary Medicine Regulations 2006

Many veterinary medicines are in the distribution category POM-V. These medicines may only be supplied by a veterinary surgeon, or by a pharmacist against a prescription written by a veterinary surgeon. POM-V medicines include all of the antibiotics, anaesthetics and hormones, together with some vaccines and other miscellaneous products.

Vets are only allowed to prescribe POM-V medicines for animals that are “under their care” and where a clinical assessment of the case has been made. However, where problems in a herd or flock are recurrent, it is allowable to prescribe medication for repeat use in different animals or groups, providing that the use is closely monitored. In practice, it has been accepted that this condition can be satisfied by a minimum of quarterly visits to the farm. Where medicine use is high or is increasing, these visits may have to be more frequent.

Some veterinary medicines are in the distribution category POM-VPS. These can be supplied by a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or suitably qualified person at an agricultural merchants. A clinical assessment of the animal is not required before supply of these medicines and the animals do not have to be under the care of the supplier. Examples of these products are some of the vaccines, most anthelmintics and vitamin/mineral supplements.

Off - Licence Medicine Use

As part of your livestock’s treatment we may need to use a medicine ‘off-licence’ this is because there is not always a veterinary licensed medicine available for every situation.  Off licence medicines can be use in animals according to the cascade: there are documented dose rates and they are known to be safe. If you would like to know more about Larkmead Veterinary Groups policy on Off Licence Medicine Use double click to download this informative pdf or please talk to your vet.